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Just watched “Heart”. Way to make me cry Supernatural, way to make me cry.


Watching Supernatural from the beginning. First timer here. I’ve seen bit a pieces throughout the years. Just finished the bloody mary episode…CREEPY!!!!


Lets take a minute and think about the Klaine situation being a real life situation. I know its a tv show, and its not real. But people make it seem real, so think about it this way

What if your best friends with a guy, and he asked you if he should propose to the guy he dated, that moved to another city, that he is not together with anymore because HE cheated on him. They had a few hook ups but are not in any way together. Would you support him? Or tell him to rethink it.

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All this glee hate for the klaine ending. What if Ryan murphy has more planned than you think? You show so much hate to the rest of the show when Klaine gets just as much attention. Hell, blaine took over glee club! Love the show as a whole, stop hating every other character because Klaine was ignored. Just like everyone else has been at one point.

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Best Season Finale!!!!! Will and Emma got married finally!! Yes yes yes!!!!

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What if Ryan Murphy is a horrible human being and leaves us with a cliffhanger of kurts answer?!?!?!?!?

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I may be the only Glee fan who absolutely loves Kurt and Blaine, but really hopes Kurt says no to Blaine…

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→ Nails

I started a nail blog. I just have a small obsession with nail polish, and needed a place to express that. Nothing to special though.

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As much as i would love to meet Darren Criss. $ 250.00 to meet him is beyond ridiculous. That would fill my gas tank for a month, or put food in my fridge for a month, or pay for my phone, heat, and electric for a month. No thank you. No ridiculous spending for me. I’ll just wait to magically run into him on the street.

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As much as I love my Glee I miss my season 2 boys somethings crazy. They were perfect.

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Rewatching Never Been Kissed and missing blaine, kurt, and the warblers :). The moment kurt fell in love :).

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